Influence of the ink and substrate properties on the ink transfer in lithography

There are many parameters influencing transfer of the printing ink onto the printing substrates. Beside printing press characteristic one of most influential parameters is interface interactions in the offset blanket-printing ink-printing substrate system.
The aim of this paper is to determine printing ink and substrate properties as an influential parameter to the printing ink transfer, i.e. properties of the imprint. To achieve this goal, this research will be conducted in three steps. First, characterization of the printing substrates (coated and uncoated samples) and printing ink will be performed. The printing substrates will be characterized by determining smoothness of paper according to Bekk and surface free energy, while to printing ink’s tack will be determined to detect property of the printing ink influencing the ink transfer. In the second stage a multipurpose printability testing machine will be used to produce laboratory prints. Finally, the prints will be characterized by conducting optical measurements (spectrophotometric and densitometric measurements) and determination of physical properties of the ink film (mass of the dried ink film).
The results of the research have proven that characteristics of the printing substrate and tack of the printing ink influence transfer of the printing ink onto the printing substrate, i. e. print quality. 
lithography, printing ink, printing substrate, ink film