Development of the model for production efficiency increase and functionality of packaging

Graphic technology is a part of technical sciences which implements research advances in the various fields including computer science and material sciences. This fact leads to a specific approach to the research as one must always have in mind the two way communication between image data manipulation in the digital and materials interaction in the printing process and product finishing. The aim of this research proposal is to develop the model for production efficiency increase and functionality of packaging. This goal will be achieved by conducting the activities which could be divided in four main groups:
  • development and evaluation of the grey colour replacement (GCR) method
  • development of the method for implementing digital watermark as a mean to enable graphic reproduction protection
  • characterization of graphic materials and development of functional coatings and their impact on the multicolour graphic reproduction
  • development and evaluation of the mathematical model which will make connection between influence of the digital image modulation and material's characteristics and prints refining on it's mechanical properties and visual perception.
Majority of the young scientists find it challenging to come out of the shadow of their senior colleagues. This project founded by Croatian Science Foundation gave us the opportunity to work as a team of young researchers. As a group of researchers which come from various expertises it is exciting to collaborate, see different views and approaches to the same problem. We see the challenges lying in front of us and are sure that crossing the obstacles will bring every team member forward on a path of scientific life and in the same time form a multidisciplinary research force able to challenge issues in the graphic materials and, especially, packaging production.
Beside personal motives, as a part of the graphic communications/printing industry, we expect to reach the main goals of the project - increase of the packaging production competitiveness and increase packaging functionality by implementing protecting elements in the image and material refinement to increase its mechanical properties and visual perception.
Tomislav Cigula
Project Leader
"Valid criticism does you a favor."
by Carl Sagan
Tomislav Hudika
Junior Resercher
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Ante Poljicak
Senior Resercher
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Davor Donevski
Senior Resercher
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Marija Prsa
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Tamara Tomasegovic
Senior Resercher
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